By keeping viruses,

bacteria and fungi away

from your home,

you can offer yourself and

your family a safe environment.

Thanks to the antiviral carpet, you can provide a safe environment for yourself and your family by keeping the viruses, bacteria and fungi away from your home.

  • Provides full protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi,
  • According to tests by independent testing organizations
  • It destroys 99.99% of viruses in 5 minutes,
  • It also provides full protection in your home against germs coming from outside.

"The key to winning is your stance under stress."
Paul Brown Pault


Stressfree carpet

relieves the human body

by taking

the static electricity

that causes stress.

In modern life, people are exposed to a lot of static electricity from phones, computers and their environment. Since there is no contact with the soil during the day and the synthetic carpets in the houses, the more loaded static electricity cannot be removed from the human body. Thanks to the technology we have developed, the carpets we have made relieve the human body by taking this static electricity.

"The air you live in is a source of inspiration."
William Henry

Pet Clear

It adds value to

the lives of those

sensitive to allergens

such as house dust

mites and animal dander.

The incidence of allergic diseases has increased tremendously around the world in the last few years. The main indoor allergens are house dust mites and animal dander. Sensitivity to cat and dog allergens negatively affects your quality of life. Few people are aware of the allergens found in the textiles that surround them.

  • Pet Clear and cat hair sample compared to the sample without probiotics,
    cat hair allergenIt shows a significant decrease of 92.8% in the amount of Fel d1.

  • Pet Clear and dog hair allergen compared to probiotic
    free sample Shows a ignificant 66.7% reduction in health f1.

International Test

After 14 days at 30°C and 70-80% human density.