Our Roadmap

As an innovation

what kind of process

do we follow in our

activities and the strategy

we adopt to

create new value?

"Process is the Clark Kent of business ideas.
Light and unpretentious in appearance, but surprisingly powerful in reality."
Michael Martin Hammer

Innovation Opportunity;

We adopt strategic thinking that defines the innovation opportunity, not creating ideas in innovation. At this stage, we determine what the customer/market will want, how innovation will add value and the strategic advantage it will provide.


We focus on exploring and evaluating as many ideas as possible to achieve that strategic advantage. The goal in this step is to generate a large number of ideas and concepts. Due to the nature of innovation, we do not know whether we will be successful as we move forward on this journey. Therefore, we balance our pursuit of the ideal with the realities of learning, taking risks, and failing to ultimately succeed.


By comparing the information required for innovation to take place and our existing knowledge, we will see the difference between them Dec Reducing this difference is the purpose of the study. At this stage, we explore new ideas by conducting research on many topics, including technology, social change and customer expectations, both by the in-house team and advisory boards.


During explorations, we gain a great deal of understanding and knowledge, so it becomes clear what the right solution is. Gaining insight is not a random idea generation process, it is the product of specific discovery and painstaking development. With insight, we come up with a sketch design of a minimally viable product, process or business model.


Demonstrating and testing innovation with a pilot application. By making use of the laboratory and all other facilities of the production facilities of the Haskan Group of Companies, data about the design is collected through tests and experiments to be carried out with the prototype design. At this stage, it helps us to understand the experimental objectives, milestones, checkpoints and assumptions made for innovation and to remove any question marks. At the end of this phase, our innovation team reviews lessons learned with various stakeholders. If the innovation opportunity is still viable and the ideas can be implemented, it is now ready for the final design where the ideas are perfected.


The business planning process, which starts with market development, brand identification and development, continues with the preparation of customers to understand and choose this innovation, and ultimately the sale is realized. It is converted into economic value by successfully selling new products and services, and in the case of process improvement innovations, benefiting from increased efficiency and productivity.