New Solutions
For New Challenges

In a fast-paced

iInnovation is more important than ever before for an organization's survival. It is no longer a

“nice-to-have”: it is in a position

of competitive necessity.

No industry, sector, technology or organization is safe from the “next big thing”. To be able to stand; committed to constantly innovating to produce breakthrough products, services and solutions

As a matter of fact, when we look at the global R&D expenditures of the last five years, we see that more than two trillion dollars have been invested annually. However, many organizations do not have a well-defined and integrated innovation strategy. This heavy burden is usually placed on companies' R&D units. In-company R&D teams consist of experts, especially on products and services in their field of activity. However, in order to innovate, institutions need a much more mature level of interdisciplinary understanding that includes competencies such as making business partnerships inside and outside, leading, finding new technologies, understanding the needs and expectations of the market.

Our strategic effort consists of a three-pronged structure:
we as TIT Innovation, our customers
and the Earth as a whole

For this reason

iInstead of establishing R&D units

in every company within the

Haskan Group of Companies, we established the TIT Innovation company. We see innovation

as a full-time job or even

a lifetime strategic process.

Currently, we aim to develop innovations primarily for the companies within the Haskan group, in the fields of Biomedicine, Defense Industry and Artificial Intelligence, especially in Technical Textiles, and to give them a competitive advantage in the market.

There are many definitions of innovation in the literature, but we see innovation as a strategic effort to create new value. Our strategic effort consists of a three-pronged structure: we at TIT Innovation, our customers and the Earth as a whole. We consider creating economic value as a prerequisite for innovation. Whatever the type of innovation that emerges as a result of strategic efforts, it must have customers whose needs will be met. All innovations made must be industrially produceable with high added value and do not harm people and nature from birth to death. For this reason, we think that any product that does not produce a new benefit for our customers or the Earth can be considered innovative. In our opinion, sustainable innovations are innovations that will increase the coexistence of humanity and the ecosystem, and these innovations must be able to offer value for our customers.