In Gaziantep a mask that destroys the coronavirus is produced (Habertürk)

An antiviral nonwoven fabric that destroys the coronavirus by 99.99% within 2 hours and is used in mask making has been produced at a fabric production facility in Gaziantep.

In Gaziantep, an "antiviral nonwoven fabric" was produced at a fabric manufacturing plant that destroyed the coronavirus by 99.99 percent within 2 hours and was used to make masks. Hasan Gürkan Bayram, the owner of the facility, said that they aim to protect people against the virus with masks and medical textiles in the coming days with the fabric that has passed the testing stages.

A fabric production plant operating in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone started working to produce effective fabrics against the virus 6 months ago after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic by forming a team of chemists, industrial, textile and biomedical engineers. The 9-person team headed by Mustafa Dağlı gave the existing fabric antiviral properties against the virus for 6 months.

After the fabric integrated with the chemical property that they did not disclose its formula had the ability to destroy coronavirus and other viruses, the facility sent the studies to Yeditepe University in Turkey, as well as two fabric test centers in Brazil and England for its foreign accreditation. In the tests conducted here, the fabric was confirmed to destroy the virus by 99.99 percent within 2 hours by the study.


Mustafa Dağlı, who headed the team that participated in the 6-month study, stated that they had signed a new innovation to destroy the coronavirus and keep the risk of transmission at a minimum level, and said, "With the start of the pandemic process, we have held many meetings and studies with the scientists involved in our team.

The invention that we developed after these studies is the result of innovative technologies and major breakthroughs in the molecular field. After developing this fabric, we conducted two separate tests in the UK and Brazil, which have validity in the world. As a result of the tests, it was registered that the viruses on the fabric surface disappeared by 99.99 percent within no more than 2 hours after contact," he said.


Hasan Gürkan Bayram, the owner of the facility, stated that they managed to destroy the virus by giving their fabrics a chemical mixed antiviral property with 6 months of work, "In the process of fighting the coronavirus, which is being carried out all over the world, we have focused on our scientific work in the nonvowen fabric sector, one of the areas where we operate. Because this problem places a responsibility on everyone to do their best.

In this process, we wanted not only to increase our fabric production capacity, but also to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. Thanks to the dedicated work of our team of scientists, we managed to destroy 99.99 percent of the viruses that come into contact with its surface by giving the spunbond nonwoven fabric its antiviral property at the end of 6 months," he said.

Hasan Gürkan Feast, with new features developed with medical mask and viruses can live on the surface of the mass production of textile products fabrics which also stated that they will start in the coming days, "the mask of the pandemic, which has become the need of everyone in the process, commonly used in the health care industry as well as surgical gown, coverall, medical products, such as textile and sick cover using the new technology and our people, and our virus protection and health of our employees, We aim to reduce the risk of transmission.

Normal masks protect against viruses, but when they are not taken care of, they can be transmitted in other ways. This mask will provide a more comfortable use, as it kills the virus," he said.

Bayram added that after they start mass production, they will export masks and other products domestically as well as abroad.